We are a small Farm in New Braunfels Texas. Right between
San Antonio and New Braunfels, about 1 hour south of

We breed Registered Nubian Dairy goats. We have Saanen
Dairy goats as well, but downsized and will only breed the
Saanens to Nubian bucks for "Snubians".

We also breed Hair Sheep, Donkeys and Chinchillas.

We are selling the cheese, chicken/duck eggs and bath and
body products we make at different
Farmers markets around
the area.  
Ragels Ziegenhof
Registered Nubian  
Dairy Goats
Got Goat Milk?

In many parts of the world, goat's milk
is preferred to cow's milk. In the United
States, the goat is gaining popularity.
Goats need less space and feed then
cows. Just one goat can supply milk for
a family of 4. Goat's milk is more easily
digestible and less allergenic than
cow's milk. Click here to get more info
Goat Milk and read about goat
milk facts and click here to get info on

(We sell our goats and cheese, but we
DON'T sell milk)
Saanen doe
Nubian buck
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    G O A T I L I C I O U S
    Bath and Body Products
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    We use only the best ingredients for our products.
    We make creams and butters. We milk the goats and we
    make the products by hand.
    We breed goats since 1999 and are very proud of them:

    Legolas, who you can find in a lot of our pedigrees,
    qualified for the ADGA Sire Development Program (ADGA-SDP)
    His Dam SG 8*M Jaco's-Pride YO Flasher has achieved Breed Leader status during the 2002 test season. (#4 Milk, #6 Butterfat,  #9 Protein as published in the
    American Dairy Goat Association Performance Summary Volume #40)


    Sun King's grand dam Red Sunrise, who you can also find a lot in our pedigrees
    , has also made the Top Ten list in 2007, #2 for milk production and #5
    for protein

    These two heavy milking lines together with some well known show lines, that give us additional milk production,  amazing size and body, make
    up our goats. We think that makes a perfect combination of milk and body and couldn't be prouder.
    We have our
    soaking wet buck
    We sell some of our
    buck kids for $100
    if picked up before
    they turn 1 week
    Not all bucks are
    buck sale. We will
    not ship these
    bucks and they
    need to picked up
    here at our farm.
    No additional
    discount applies.
    We don't sell milk!!!
    Prices listed on our Web Site are for kids picked up at 8 weeks.
    !!!Sorry discounts don't apply to spotted kids!!!
    - Registered kids picked up at our farm before the kid is 3 weeks old
    will receive a $50 discount.
    - Buy more than one registered kid and receive a $50 per kid multiple
    kid discount.
    (only for kids up to 8 weeks old, older kids or adult goats are sold at
    full price listed)

    Feel free to look on our
    Breeding plan page for details.
    !!! Breakind News!!!

    !!!During the Winter months we will not be going to all the
    markets every week!!! Please check for changes here.

    New Braunfels on Saturday: every week
    Castle Hills on Sunday: every second and fourth Sunday
    Wimberley on Wednesday: every first and third Wednesday