Cheese Info
Our French-style Chevre

- Natural $10.00
- Garlic and Chives (heavy garlic) $10.00
- Mixed Herbs $10.00
-  Jalapeno $10.00
-  Jalapeno/Artichoke $10.00
- Jalapeno/Cilantro $10.00
-  Dill $10.00
- Raw Cheese $10.00 (made with raw milk)

The cheese is sold frozen in 1/2 lb. containers.
(If you need a bigger quantity, we can also package our cheese in 2 Lbs Containers for a discounted price, the larger
containers are not on hand and need to be ordered in advance.)

Our cheese has a wonderful mild flavor, a smooth creamy texture, and is spreadable.

Our natural chevre can be eaten as is or mixed with herbs, or something sweet like honey and jelly. We also use it to make
pumpkin cheese pie at Thanksgiving. This cheese can be used in many different recipes asking for soft cheese.

Our flavored cheeses are always made with REAL, FRESH ingredients never any kind of powdered spices, most of it is out
of our own garden. We use fresh garlic, chives, green onions, herbs and garlic chives.

Our Raw cheese is made out of raw milk, it is the same as our Natural, but has a slightly different texture.

Our cheese freezes really well and can be frozen for many months without changing the quality of the cheese. However, we
recommend that it is not frozen for longer than six months before use.  

Plain, unsweetened $10.00
Vanilla Delight $10.00
Tropical $10.00
Blueberry $10.00
Coffee $10.00
Pumpkin $10.00

Fromage Blanc/Quark is widely used in Europe like Yogurt and mixed with fruit for a wonderful creamy refreshing dessert. In
Germany it is used to make cheese cakes and many other tasty desserts. After Yogurt it is probably the most eaten dessert
you can find in any supermarket. There you can buy it unflavored or mixed with fruit or herbs. We sell ours plain and with
berries. It is a perfect
lower calorie substitute for Sour cream, since it is not made from cream but whole milk and has the
texture of Sour cream.

Just like plain yogurt it has a little bit of a bite to it.
We are selling our cheese at different markets,
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If you are making a special trip to the market
for our cheese, please feel free to call first to
make sure that we will be going that day. Or
look on our main page and "Find our products
Here" page for Twitter updates.

For more info please call (830) 620 5980
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