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    Construction update: (Click on links to see step by step pictures and progress)

    We already
    bought some of the equipment we need for our dairy and will start on clearing the
    land in the next couple of weeks. Check back here for regular updates.

    07/27/16: Day I of
    clearing the land.

    10/06/2016: We ran into a lot of little problems the past couple of weeks and we finally reached
    the point that our plans can go on. Now we are waiting for a surveyor to come and after that
    construction should start.

    01/01/17: Everything has been delayed, and the dairy should have been up in October. All the
    problems have been solved and we ordered our building. However it will not be manufactured
    until the end of February. We are already in the middle of kidding season and need to build a
    birthing shed now since we have more goats then we have room right now. This is not an ideal
    situation, but we keep our spirit up and deal with the problems one at a time.

    02/20/17: Yesterday we had horrible storms that produced tornados in the area and our farm got
    hit by one that didn't touch down. We are having a lot of damage at our farm, shelters flattened,
    fences broken, numerous trees down or the top of trees twisted off and a hole in the roof of our
    house. It could have been worse since the major damage was right beside our main doe barn
    and also our kid barn in addition to our house. No animals were injured and we only had
    material damage that all can be replaced.

    02/23/17: Our building will be delivered next week, but we are still having delays with our
    foundation. As soon as the last engineering problems are taken care of we will have people out
    the next day to do the foundation. From that point forward it will go fast.

    April 2017: After all these months and many delays, we finally are starting construction.

    05/01/17: More delays, the plumber should have been here two weeks ago, but was waiting on
    parts. Now two weeks later, still no plumber... We hired a different company and hopefully
    things can go on from here. On a lighter note, the frames for the
    dairy foundation are done
    waiting on the plumber, and the hay storage foundation is almost done.

    05/01/17 - 04/20/18: We had one problem after the other, way too much to explain here, I
    probably have to write a book at one time... We are now able to use the hay storage, and rigged
    up some fence to use the one side of the feed alley. We are working on the three main rooms on
    the dairy side and will be able to milk in the new building soon. The cheese cave is being put up
    we received all the doors we ordered. We are getting this done, we just do it one day at a time.
    A lot has happened, click here for pictures.
    !!!We are a certified Grade A Dairy and Cheesery!!!
    We finally finished the back part of our Dairy building and have the milk
    room, tank room and Creamery finished and certified. The front part of the
    dairy is a different story and we still need to finish the store, soap kitchen
    and kitchen for cheese classes. We are taking it one step at a time.             

    write us:  drinkgoatmilk@yahoo.com
    or call:
    830 620 5980 (home phone)
    text or call Robert if you want to order milk
    830 335 8764 (cell)
    Robert and Claudia Ragels
    06/15/18: All our goats came back TB,
    Brucellosis and CAE negative again this year

    We have milk available from the farm by
    appointment only. We only bottle if the milk is
    ordered, to insure that you get the freshest milk
    possible. We charge $16 per gallon. If interested
    please text Robert @ 830 335 8764

    Permit #482857
    Fresh Grade A Raw Goat Milk
    The goats enjoying the new bedding in the feed alley
    Can you spot two of our Livestock guardian dogs?
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