For Sale
Deposit is $100 per goat.
contact us for deposit prices and details on our other animals.

The deposit reserves the kid of your choice on a first come, first serve basis.
There will be no refunds on canceled orders. We reserve the right to retain any
animal born for herd replacement. We also reserve the right to cancel any order
placed, with the full deposit refunded. Deposit may be applied to the following year
or is promptly refunded, if what has been ordered is not produced or retained for
herd replacement.

As soon as you are notified of your kid's birth, the deposit becomes non refundable.
The remaining amount is due at pick up or before the kid turns 8 weeks. When
choosing a kid, designate a second choice if possible. We reserve the right to cancel
any order placed, if the kid does not meet our quality standards.

Kids must be picked up by 8 weeks of age. If the kid is not picked up by 8 weeks of
age, a $5 per kid, per day boarding fee applies. (any wethers need to be picked up
between 4 - 5 weeks of age or an additional $25 charge applies.)

We charge a $50 fee to drive to the airport (each trip in case of problems with the
airplane, weather etc.). All shipping related costs, health certificate, etc. are to
be paid for in advance by the buyer. Actually Shipping costs + Insurance will be
charged COD and is to be paid at pick up. Shipping arrangements need to be made
by the buyer. The buyer will either ship us a used shipping kennel or order a new
shipping kennel to be shipped to us. Jeffers is a good place to order kennels, that
are airline approved and reasonable priced. (
Jeffers Pet Supplies)

We like to use Delta Dash, Pets First 1-888-736-3738 and we ship out of the San
Antonio Airport.
Registered Adult goats: depending on goat
Registered Nubian or LaMancha kids: $350 - $700
Registered Experimental kids: $300 - $350

Registered adult jacks and jennets: $700 - $1500
Registered jack foals: $700 - $800
Jack foals sold as pets/geldings without papers: $500 - $600
Registered jennet foals: $800 - $1000

Miniature John foals sold as pets: $500 - $600
Miniature Molly foals: $600 - $800

$150 -$350 depending on color and sex
Farm Products for Sale: (we don't sell our milk)

Our cheese is sold frozen in 1/2 lb. Containers.
(If you need a bigger quantity, we can also package our cheese in 2 Lbs
Containers for a discounted price, the larger containers are not on hand and
need to be ordered in advance.)

French-style Chevre
- Natural $10.00
- Garlic and Chives (heavy garlic) $10.00
- Mixed Herbs $10.00
-  Jalapeno $10.00
-  Jalapeno/Artichoke $10.00
- Jalapeno/Cilantro $10.00
-  Dill $10.00
- Raw Cheese $10.00 (made with raw milk)

Fromage Blanc/Quark, Dessert cheese
Plain, unsweetened $10.00
Vanilla Delight $10.00
Tropical $10.00
Blueberry $10.00
Coffee $10.00
Pumpkin $10.00

Buy 10 cheeses at one time (mix and match) and get one for free.

Bulk orders can be picked up here at the farm call (830) 620 5980 to
make an appointment. (minimum order of $100)

Please call us on information on Wholesale quantities and prices.

chicken $5.00/dozen
ducks $8.00/dozen
NOTE:  Please bring cash. No checks accepted.

We are also selling our cheese at a few
Farmers Markets please
click here for more
information on the markets.

If you are making a special trip to the market for our cheese,
please feel free to call first to make sure that we will be going
that day.

Please call for info (830) 620 5980
Pricelist for 2017:
Call before you send a deposit and when you do send me

Don't come here to pick up one of our goats/sheep/donkeys
if you don't have a carrier or trailer that they fit in.

I will not sell livestock to you if you think it is ok for them to
be in a box, trunk of a car or hog-tied in the back of a truck.

Not even if you buy a goat/lamb for butcher.

(sorry but I have to post this, since we had too many people that reserve
animals and then bring a box etc. to pick them up)
Mini stallion for sale, call us for info:
830 620 5980 for $500
Every year we have our  "Soaking wet
buck kid sale" these bucks can be
We sell some of our buck kids for $100
if picked up before they turn 1 week

Not all bucks are included in this buck
We will not ship these bucks and they
need to picked up here at our farm.
No additional discount applies.


Future Baby buck Flash Sale
(no papers)
1 buck $50
kids need to be picked up day two
contact us to be put on a waiting list
(not all bucks incuded in sale)
!!!We are building a dairy!!!
Anyone that wants to help us out can
donate here.  Every penny helps.
If we get the money together, we will be able to
sell milk and cheese here at our farm.
Donate via paypal:                  

write us:

or call:
830 620 5980